Video Production Tools For Teachers, Students & Staff

The innovative, multi-use video platform to live stream, record, and edit; on-site and remote.

Cinamaker Director Studio for iPad and Mac is the video platform designed for teachers, students, and staff to create powerful live and recorded video, no matter the experience level.

By simply connecting and controlling multiple iPhone, iPad, and digital camera angles, audio sources, rich media and digital content, Cinamaker helps you tell your stories, share your lessons, and broadcast live meetings/events while capturing the hearts and minds of your viewers.

What's more, Cinamaker Director Studio gives you superpowers that traditional, expensive live streaming technology doesn’t, and at a fraction of the cost.


With Cinamaker you will;

• connect, control, and stream up to eight (8) camera angles using your iPhones, iPads, PTZ, pro cameras

• connect and mix microphones and external audio sources, including audio mixing boards for quality sound

• edit and record the stream live while switching between cameras in real-time

• add rich media; lower-third graphics, animated logos, images, pre-recorded videos, audio files, and text

• screen share your lesson materials, meeting agendas, presentations, & more. 

• use picture-in-picture, split-screen, green screen/chroma-key, dissolves, other visual effects

• include remote guests/cameras from anywhere in the world via the Zoom broadcast network

• send Cinamaker output and live stream to Zoom, Facebook, YouTube, Linkedin, Restream, many others

• record every session and use the in-app editor to easily re-edit, share clips, and build your video libraries

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Cinamaker Director Studio (Pro) features include.

Daily Announcements

School Board Meetings

 With Cinamaker Director Studio, its easy to screen-share lesson materials, meeting agendas, & presentations. Use picture-in-picture, split-screen, green screen/chroma-key, and other visual effects to engage your viewers



Live stream and record using up to eight (8) cameras; iPhones, iPads, PTZ, pro digital cameras. Mix multiple microphones and external audio sources, including audio mixing boards for quality sound


Hybrid Classroom

 Simply engage your students with rich media, multiple angles, and quality audio. Live stream and record your lessons, and make changes later with the easy in-app editor. 



In the gym or on the playing field, with up to 8-camera angles and media overlays, your viewers will appreciate live broadcasts on Zoom, Facebook, YouTube, and other platforms


Campus Events

Professional Development

Remote Guests

Need Help Getting Started?

Services: Cinamaker Quick-Start

Your success is our business. 

We want to make sure you have what you need to be successful. Our team of Cinamaker Success Consultants are here to answer your questions every step of the way. 

Email us to learn about our Customer Success Plans.


Solutions: Studio in a Box 

Looking for the right package to round out your Cinamaker Studio? Cinamaker's Studio in a Box can be customized to include cameras, audio gear, lighting, cart, and storage boxes so that your teachers, students and staff members can safely and securely make your Cinamaker Studio as portable and powerful as possible. Email us to learn about Studio in a Box.


What Cinamaker Users Are Saying...

"I’ve been using and looking for some time and I’ve found that Cinamaker is one of the very few apps that offers the functionality and features that I want. Additionally I’ve found it to be reliable and well built too."

"Cinamaker is the only way we record & edit our district board meetings. It is what we are currently using to live stream."

"It’s such a good app and my middle school enjoys using it, simple and easy and affordable."


"Cinamaker changed the way I do my video production. Now I have connected my colleagues to broadcast through the software."

"I use Cinamaker for live-streaming because it is easy and also use recorded files in editing for rebroadcasts."

" We rely on Cinamaker at a variety of our district schools."

"It’s the best app for livestream on a budget. It’s makes the load of work to become just a breeze."


"We use Cinamaker for morning announcements and for making other videos.  I find it generally very helpful and easy to use.  I have looked into other alternatives and found them to be either PC only, more hardware intensive, or have a watermark and other issues at the lower price level.  So generally I would be inclined to stay with Cinamaker."


Cinamaker Director Studio (Pro) Includes:


• Switch up to 8 cameras, iPhones & webcams

• Connect RTSP & NDI Pro Cameras and encoders

• Connect Pro Audio and Mix up to 8 audio sources

• Text and still and animated graphics overlays

• Audio & Video Clips

• Picture-In-Picture

• Chroma-Key

• Transition Effects

• Virtual Cameras

• Multi-Camera Recording

• Easy Multi-Camera Editing  



• Archive Projects to iCloud

• Premiere and Final Cut project file compatibility

• Output via RTMP to YouTube,  Facebook, LinkedIn, more

• Include Remote Guests or cameras with our Zoom integration

• Output to Zoom, MS Teams, Webex, Skype and more via Virtual Webcam

• Share screens/apps from your Mac, iOS, and other network-connected devices


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