Say Goodbye to expensive Multi-Camera Live Streaming

For The Entire Congregation

Whether your community is attending in your house or from their home, Cinamaker is your one-stop solution to share your message. 

Cinamaker Director Studio (for iPad and Mac) is the simplest multi-camera live streaming software available that is designed so that your worship team and volunteers can be up in running in no time. 

And since you can use up to 8 iPhones, iPads, and digital cameras, Cinamaker keeps your costs within a very reasonable budget.  

What's more, Cinamaker Director Studio has superpowers that traditional, expensive live streaming technology doesn’t at a fraction of the cost;

• up to 8 multiple camera angles using your iPhones, iPads, PTZ, and digital cameras

• edit the stream live by switching between cameras 

• connect audio boards, microphones, external audio sources 

• add text, graphics, and include pre-recorded videos to keep your congregation engaged

• share scripture and lyrics through screen sharing using picture-in-picture, split-screen, chroma-key, and other visual effects

• live stream to Facebook, YouTube, Linkedin, Zoom, Restream, and many others

• record your multi-camera sessions and use the in-app editor in playback mode to easily re-edit, make clips, and build your video library. 

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Cinamaker Director Studio (Pro) features include.

Live Stream Religious Services and more


Birmingham United Methodist Church (BUMC) uses Cinamaker on their iPad to live stream from the pulpit and the bandstand.

BUMC uses up to 4 iOS cameras, audio direct from the house board, and presentation software from an adjacent Mac, to live stream weekly to their Facebook page.


Simple. Powerful. Affordable.


Jesus, the Good Shepherd Parish, of Riverside, NJ, live streams and records using Cinamaker Director Studio on the MacBook Pro M1.

With three (3) iPhone 11 Pro cameras, the director can pan-tilt-zoom using the Crane M2 Gimbal while operating Cinamaker.


What Cinamaker Users Say ...

"(Cinamaker) is excellent software that is helping the ministry of our church. We have a teenage girl age 16 running the iPad and working on it. It is that easy."

"I’ve been using and looking for some time and I’ve found that Cinamaker is one of the very few apps that offers the functionality and features that I want. Additionally I’ve found it to be reliable and well built too."

"Cinamaker is the only way I record & edit our church services. iIt is what we are currently using to live stream."

"My church uses Cinamaker to record our sermons and bible studies. We are a small church and it is helping me."

"It’s such a good app and my church enjoys using it, simple and easy and affordable."


"Cinamaker changed the way I do my video production. Now I have connected my friends to broadcast through the software."

"I use Cinamaker for live-streaming because it is easy and also use recorded files in editing for rebroadcasts."

" We rely on Cinamaker at a variety of client locations."

"It’s the best app for livestream on a budget. It’s makes the load of work to become just a breeze."

"This is my essential video package for Worship service capture and broadcast to Facebook"


"I use Cinamaker for a weekly livestream and for making other videos.  I find it generally very helpful and easy to use.  I have looked into other alternatives and found them to be either PC only, more hardware intensive, or have a watermark and other issues at the lower price level.  So generally I would be inclined to stay with Cinamaker."


Cinamaker Director Studio (Pro) Includes:


• Switch up to 8 cameras, iPhones & webcams

• Connect RTSP & NDI Pro Cameras and encoders

• Connect Pro Audio and Mix up to 8 audio sources

• Text and still and animated graphics overlays

• Audio & Video Clips

• Picture-In-Picture

• Chroma-Key

• Transition Effects

• Virtual Cameras

• Multi-Camera Recording

• Easy Multi-Camera Editing  



• Archive Projects to iCloud

• Premiere and Final Cut project file compatibility

• Output via RTMP to YouTube,  Facebook, LinkedIn, more

• Include Remote Guests or cameras with our Zoom integration

• Output to Zoom, MS Teams, Webex, Skype and more via Virtual Webcam

• Share screens/apps from your Mac, iOS, and other network-connected devices


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